Linen Tennessee Stripe Runner Läufer Leinen 54cm x 145cm


Linen Tennessee Stripe Runner Läufer Leinen 54cm x 145cm

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Wunderschöner Tischläufer aus vorgewaschenem Leinen (100% Leinen) in Weiß/Grün. In Belgien hergestellt. White/Sage 100% Linen.


Linen can be laundered with confidence, and all Libeco products carry full washing instructions.

It is important to select the proper washing agent. Many detergents today contain optical whitening agents that work well on white linens. These are not recommended for colored linens however, as discoloring and spotting may result from it. When washing colors, check that your detergent does not have whitening agents, or choose a soap powder. If you have hard water, with a high lime content, we recommend a softening agent, especially for darker colors.

General Care:

  • Unfold your linens completely before washing
  • Do not overload the machine.
  • Wash your linens at max. 40°C - 104°F.
  • Use a mild soap. Avoid chlorine bleach.
  • If possible, line dry, it is best for linen and the environment.
  • If using a tumbler, dry on medium heat, do not over dry.
  • Iron with steam on slightly damp linen (best the inside of the fabric).
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