*NEW Vintage By Nina A Divine Mess exquisite interior decorating coffee table book


*NEW Vintage By Nina A Divine Mess exquisite interior decorating coffee table book

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Das neue Buch von Nina Hartmann. Erscheinungstermin September 2015. "Vintagebynina, a divine mess". Yet another exquisite interior decorating coffee table book from the Swedish based Author, Designer & Antique Dealer.


Vintagebynina, a divine mess is a tribute to the beautiful treasures in the heavenly world of vintage and antiques. A

stunning merry-go-round of unique collections, theater costumes and back drops, Gustavian furniture, flower power in pots

and urns,

rooms of serenity, Napoleon III mannequins, Swedish ambience, Christmas ornaments and Winter wonderland, cosy spots,

sacred crowns, little lambs and holy hearts, lit candles, charming toys, nice displays, bohemian junk, salvaged building materials,

delicate lace, clowns, jesters & Pierrots, burlesque wax dolls, paper mache’ heads and irresistible tattered figures, cherubs,

oil paintings and beautiful portraits, magnificent cabinets and much, much more. A divine mess.

Once again Nina Hartmann and her husband, photographer Tore Sundgren, take the readers on an exciting joyride. A trip

through four different countries with visits to unique homes in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and last but not least to

Norway’s oldest theater hall, an abandoned pearl.

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